Advertising models and Consumer behavior

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1.0. Introduction

A consistent theme emerging in advertising models is that both cognitive and behavioral responses under low-involvement situations can be facilitated by source cues that the consumer identifies with. Celebrity endorsement has become one of the communication strategies employed by marketers in an attempt to build a congruent image between the brand and the consumer. The purpose of this report is to provide both a theoretical and practical analysis with regard to Pepsi Max and its celebrity endorsement. The findings of the analysis conducted will then be adapted to form recommendations in order to assist the vice president of marketing in Pepsi Max's advertising and promotional campaign.

This report is divided into two major focuses. First focus should provide theoretical analysis for the use of celebrity in the promotional campaign, which, will include: The characteristics a celebrity must have to be used in a promotional campaign, the advantage and disadvantages of using a celebrity and the reference group factor of significance to the use of celebrity in promotional campaign.

Second focus of the report is to recommend a suitable celebrity for Pepsi Max's marketing campaign according to the target audience, competition and the implication for Pepsi Max's positioning.

2.0. Literature review of celebrity endorsement

2.1. Essential characteristics of a celebrity

Advertisers must match the product or company's image, the characteristics of the target market, and the personality of the celebrity, in order to establish effective messages and the determinant of the match between celebrity and brand depends on the degree of perceived "fit" between brand (brand name, attributes) and celebrity image (Misra, 1990). Messages conveyed by celebrity image and the product message should be congruent for effective communication (Forkan, 1980; Kamins, 1990). Special attention should also be paid to employ celebrities who have a direct connection...