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Essay by eric86B, March 2007

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When I was browsing the internet, an advertisement caught my attention. It was a Nike skateboarding advertisement. The clip has a nice soundtrack, technical tricks, good pace and nice scenery. When you see that advertisement, it will help to change your mood for the day. The video focuses on the Nike shoes line known as SB dunk. Nike, by understanding its audience, has created an effective advertisement through the internet.

This advertisement runs for 2 minutes. It shows people from various nations skateboarding and everywhere wearing SB dunk. On the sidewalks in Los Angeles, the skateboarders use the grinding rails to slide with skateboards. In New York, they use benches to do tricks and slide. In Italy, the skaters play in the park near a beautiful river, and lastly the d shows skateboarders skating down the slopes in the San Francisco area. Most of the places contain graffiti art in their surroundings.

This gives us the atmosphere of a street culture. The video also shows an event that took place in USA where there were lots of professional and famous skateboarders wearing SB dunk taking autographs. The end of the advertisement shows the Nike SB logo.

Back in its earliest days, Nike’s product still carried the classic Nike logo without the SB at the right bottom. However, in 2005, Nike has started changing the logo by adding SB at the bottom of the logo, which stands for skateboarding. This could make the people distinguish its skateboarding line from another Nike product such as tennis, soccer and even basketball. In an advertisement, the model are wearing the Nike logo with SB on it. The Nike SB logo that appears in this clip is white on a black background. I think that this color is very unique and simple. Both...