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Introduction ( Executive Summary ):

Our company, Midas Advertising Agency, has been an established player in the industry with over 30 years of experience. We have enjoyed successful partnership with many companies and we appreciate Sparkle Jewellery in choosing our company to launch their latest range of men's jewellery specially targeted at young working men.

Sparke Jewellery is a reputable establishment with a strong female clientele from middle-income families that generated growing profits over the years.Frame for its quality designs, it is now venturing into men's jewellery which the client fear may be perceiveed as effeminate and shrugged off as unfashionable in the context of the asian culture.

We had done research on the industry and we concluded that men's jewellery is not widely sold for a number of other reasons too.


Impratical to purchase jewellery- Young working men would rather spend their money on more pratical things than to waste money on jewellery.

For example, PDAs, Hand phones, Laptops and Car Accessories.

Mind Set - Since young, men were brought up with the impression that jewellery is meant for women. They think it's feminine.

Adaptations - Men do not like major changes, and the idea of them having to change their appearance with the addition of jewellery would make them uncomfortable.

Perception - Most Asian men find that the adornment of jewellery is a soft spot in the machismo of their manhood.

As a result, our agency has come up wif an advertising plan to address the problem why men do not fancy jewellery and to encourage men to start wearing jewellery.

Our advertising plan will include all elements that might affect sales of the product including benefits offered ,distribution, pricing and so on. To solve the above problems, we will have the product in simple but...