Advertising - What's The Point?

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based on fall 1996 Asics shoe ad -

Advertising is the number one way to let the public know that a product is on the market. People and companies advertise everything from toothbrushes to two week vacations. Buying, selling, and trading are what keeps the free market system in America flourishing. Americans have the freedom to buy almost anything as long as they hear about it and decide that they want the product. Advertisements are everywhere. In or on magazines, newspapers, televisions, billboards, radios, and even on the sides of busses and cars, advertisements can be found. Advertising is a mode for companies to explain what they sell and why they believe the consumer should buy their product or service. Advertisers try to convince consumers that they need the product and that the services that the product supplies will make life easier and better. An advertisement combines many different artistic and linguistic elements.

Advertisers try to display an image that they wish to portray with their art work and slogans. The image that the advertiser uses will be based on which target market the advertiser attempts to attract. The target audience is made up of a group of consumers that the company believes will most likely purchase the product. This target market will determine when and where the advertisements are seen.

The most frequent place that target markets are reached is in print media. Examples of print media include magazines and newspapers. The average American receives at least one newspaper or magazine on a daily basis. Magazines are directed to a specific audience and therefore the readers who pick up periodicals will most likely be apart of the demographics which make up the target audience.

Many major companies, such as Asics athletic ware, can afford to advertise in several different...