Advertising in Schools.

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Effects of Channel One and Advertising in Schools

Although education is a very important aspect of life, are we really paying enough attention to it? Are all students receiving and retaining what they need? The fact of the matter is that students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and in the same conditions. The schools control the conditions of student's success. If we create the right environment, any student can be prepared for any academic or vocational career. If we put in the wrong environment, were just setting students up for failure.

Marketing departments and advertising agencies are paid each year for the single purpose of coming up with slogans and campaigns that will target certain consumers and convince them to believe something. That something may be the way to vote, what to buy, or what to think, but the foundational purpose if advertising, no matter what the subject, is to persuade.

Yes, some of these persuasions can be good, like the most famous slogan of all, "don't be a fool, stay in school!" However, what we need to worry about is the slogans and advertisements that are going to cause a negative effect on students.

The truth is students are scammed every time they walk in the door of their school. When students walk through the doors of their schools, advertisers do not see them as "A" students who study their butt off in order to pass that huge Math test; they see them as billions of dollars. The sad truth is that advertisers don't only bombard your television, newspapers and magazines with their images and messages telling you to buy their products, but now advertisers have gone even farther, hunting you in the one place you cannot escape, school.

Because of the increase in...