Is advertising in schools really that bad?

Essay by mahut January 2005

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Is advertising in schools really that bad?

Did you know that the free book cover's we receive during school reach are also received by half of the students across America? That's twenty five million students. Did you also know that those book covers advertise? They advertise things like, Frosted Flakes, Skittles, and Kellogg's cereal, to things like joining the military. On top of that we have "educational posters" in the halls advertising hard work and perseverance, but they also advertise Starburst, Hershey's chocolate, and PowerAid. There has been a shift in advertising toward children because of their recently increased spending. If advertisers are making so much money on advertising to our youth we should essentially scheme some of that money back to better our educational experience.

On average children spend about fifteen billion dollars a year in their own money on products, eleven billion of that amount is spent on such products as, clothes, snacks, toys and candy.

Children influence a minimum of one hundred and sixty billion in purchases through their parents. The school is a huge place for advertising and if schools were to get people to come in and advertise we would be able to fight things like, budget cuts, the teachers we love, and the technology to make learning more efficient and fun! Many advertisers think of students as three in one markets. One being consumers themselves. Two being influencers of their parents money. Third being a future adult consumer.

So for some people they think advertising is a bad thing in schools. Why is the question I'm asking, is it bad that we want teacher's or that we want cheaper proms, class trips, or something as simple as a tent to continue the tradition of graduation outdoors. Advertising isn't a big deal people...