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The advertising sector is very important for firms and their products because they should introduce themselves. Many consumers follow the products from media and they decide to buy which products they want. As a result of this situation, the advertising companies improve themselves so advertising sector increases day by day. We have got many types of advertising firms. In my opinion, the most important parts are the visual and written advertising sectors. These parts can be compared and contrasted according to some different criteria.

A first criterion is appearance of advertisements. In both sectors, people who deal with this business use interesting ways to affect consumers. For example, newspapers and billboards are made very colourful for this reason. And also televisions apply this process.

The second one is about their animations. Television channels and some billboards benefit from that criterion. In contrast, written advertisements cannot compete with visuals in this sector.

Therefore, visual advertisements interest consumers much more.

The last topic is their contents. Although they deal with the same subject, they present this subject matter in different way. Also, TV advertisements are often repeated. However, written ones are not.

In summary, there are some similarities and differences between visual and written advertisements. "203" I think, advertisement is necessary for persuading costumers. Advertisement's mission is to create product awareness and to make consumers to buy this product. I can say that, for time to time people's demand changes and this condition cause sector development.