Advertising Stratagies (Research Paper / Persuasive Speech)

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I would like to discuss two advertising strategies that I think influence me the most.

1) Testimonial endorsement:

I believe this is probably one of the most successful advertising strategies. It is for me anyway. Lets take for example the Pepsi commercials that star Britney Spears. We watch her dance around and show off her figure while she is enjoying a nice cold Pepsi. It just makes what she is doing look so much easier and enjoyable (the dancing I mean). I have a little cousin who does a "dance" every time she drinks a Pepsi and then says she's Britney Spears. It is also amazing to me that something that isn't really that healthy for you is made to seem like it is just because the model has a small figure. We really associate the products that these famous people advertise with our own lives. We make ourselves believe too much in the product just because someone of "higher status" tells us to, or because they are doing it.

We are really being manipulated but at the same time it is our own fault. Professionals know what it takes to sell their product and who better than a superstar that a lot of people wish they were.

2) Repitition

I would also like to point out repetition as a good advertising strategy. I believe one of the best examples (and funniest) would be the Aflac duck. Not only are the commercials hilarious but over and over you hear the word Aflac. Since we have seen the commercials for some time now we can usually associate the duck with the company and I always find myself watching and paying attention to them just to see what brilliant idea they came up with. I know that repetition strategies...