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Advertisement relies of the use of languages and tone to persuade people to feel a certain way and hence would behave in a manner that they normally would not in the absence of the advertisement. Though this basic fact of marketing is understood by a majority of people, it is very difficult for anyone to be really aware of when marketing or the advertisement is actually at work unless one is paying very careful attention. In this sense, the ad ¡§Frame It¡¨ is no exception. It advertises different types of framing services, using every possible way to appeal to the customers their offers of special services by providing diverse options for the customers to choose from.

To begin with, the method that the business selects to publicize its service emphasizes a concern about customers' ease of access. To place this ad on the Internet is a relatively expensive method compares to advertising this in the newspaper or even on the radio.

However, web advertisement's advantages include a wider customer base, more extensive information can be placed, more detailed graphic, not to mention the display of the product can be more interactive with the potential customer. For instance, ¡§Frame It¡¨ has the capability to be able to show these ceramic plates or mugs they sell in a three dimensional presentation of the product. These mugs or plates when advertised on the web could be rotated as if one is looking at it in the store. This allows the customer to get more thorough information about the product without having to go to a store. "Frame It" effort to provide this increased interaction for customers with their web product is notably a desire to cater to the customers' convenience of getting as much information as they can about a product at their...