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Advice works best when it is asked for. If it isnt asked for, dont delude byself by calling it advice.Call it what it truly is. Meddling !!

This is a story i once read a long long time ago. It's about these 2 men who are the village advisors.And while both seem to give good advice one is incredibly popular and the other is'nt.And the 2nd guy wonders why.

Its not like he was giving bad advice.In fact he was doing an incredibly good job...far better than the other guy. So why werent things working out ?

So he decides to ask the other guy. And the other guys says...Ok lets do this with a couple of examples

So the first advice seeker for the day walks in. And he is really worried

Seeker : What do i do ? Should i save my money and buy a tractor for the field or should i use it to buy new buffaloes to plough the field and save the rest .

[hey the story had a village setting.Just imagine problems you would associate yourself with if you think it will make you feel better]

And the popular advicer tells him what to do (and the not so popular one agrees with him)

Then comes the 2nd guy in need of help

2nd seeker : Ok i need to plan my career. I think once i finish college im gonna drop out and learn to play the guitar and travel round the world.Whaddya think ?

And the advicer says : I can't see anything wrong with following your dream.But make sure that is what you really wanna do

And the second guy freaks and says "Whats wrong with you ? this guy is crazy. When...