Advice to Keep Your Marriage Intact

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Advice to Keep Your Marriage Intact.

Whether you are married or in a committed relationship, being faithful has never been easy, In the US alone, statistics show that almost half of all marriages end in divorce and the main cause is normally infidelity. This does not mean that it's impossible to have a happy marriage life, in fact it is very possible but only if you consider certain issues.

Sometimes marriage can be so stressful to the extent that letting go seems to be the best option. But before you let go, try to consider this; you have not only invested a lot of your time but also energy in to that person (and probably there are children involved).You should instead figure out the main cause of your problems and try to fix them.

To have a successful marriage, here are a few secrets which if adhered to will result to a happy marriage or relationship:

Be faithful: For a healthy marriage life, it is mandatory that couples embrace trust and faithfulness.

On your wedding day as you made your vows, you swore to be faithful to each other, why break those vows just because you are no longer faithful to your partner?

Know your status: You are no longer single, that is a fact and the earlier you accept it the better. You have a responsibility to your partner and children; you just can't come and go as you wish.

The wedding ring: Your ring is a symbol that you are happily married, it portrays your union, therefore always have it on, apart from special occasions such as while washing dishes. The ring not only reminds you that you are taken but it also sends a signal to everyone outside your union.

Intimacy: Rejuvenate your marriage, this can either...