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The job of an advisor is difficult and complicated. It involves a thorough understanding of the problems of the people seeking advice. An advisor could advise on the basis of her own arbitrary knowledge of the problem at hand. On the other hand, she could research and find out what is the intended outcome of the situation and what alternative solutions are available. A choice needs to be made on the best solution to the problem at hand. I support the latter way of advising as it is based on careful analysis and not just on intuition.

The first step to solve any problem or issue is to understand the problem completely. As it is said, if you understand what your problem is, you have already solved half the problem. So, an advisor needs to know what it is that the people seeking advice (hereafter referred to as Clients) want.

Therefore she also needs to understand what is coming in their way of attaining the desired outcome. Once you have understood the problem well, it would be easy for you to analyse the possible solutions, which is the next step in solving the problem.

As already mentioned, the second step in solving a problem and advising the solution is finding the alternative solutions. This helps you analyze the available options which could help you overcome the difficulty you are facing to achieve the goal. Furthermore, a careful analysis of the available alternatives would help you determine the one that is best suited to attain the desired objectives.

For instance, if a Public sector company is facing the problem of low productivity, the advisor on the basis of her arbitrary knowledge about the public secot industries may advise the company to lay off workers to increase productivity. But...