How aerobice exercising compares to arobic exercising.

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We all know that in order to stay healthy we need to exercise regularly, but how? You cannot just lift a barbell to increase endurance. Also, running around in circles will not make your upper body stronger. There is more than one way to exercise, and each way has different affect on the outcome you will achieve. Overall, aerobic training greatly increases your heart rate and blood pressure while anaerobic training increases your heart rate and blood pressure to a certain extent, but not nearly as much as aerobic training does.

Aerobic training increases your heart rate usually more than anaerobic training does, but that does not mean that anaerobic training is easier. For example, three of the five guys in our group had a higher heart rate while doing aerobic training than while doing anaerobic exercise. The other two guys experienced one day in which their heart rate was greater while doing anaerobic exercise and another day in which the opposite occurred.

This shows that since some people may be working very hard on anaerobic training, usually the aerobic training makes people breath harder and has a greater heart rate. Also since aerobic training is constant (constant motion) and anaerobic gives you some breaks, if you do any exercise for a prolonged period of time your heart rate will go up. In addition, even though anaerobic training does not require constant movement it can still kept your heart rate close to aerobic. This shows that anaerobic exercise requires more effort to keep your heart rate close to aerobic in light of all the resting breaks.

Anaerobic training for prolonged periods of time (e.g.. 200 continuous bench presses) would increase your heart rate beyond the target threshold, and therefore be dangerous. Aerobic activity...