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Steven Benjamin - Seat 31 September 13, 2001 Bronx High School of Science GUPE 01 Aerodynamics I. Problem "“ How and why do aerodynamics affect the rate of speed and distance of travel when propelled by an equal wind source? II. Hypothesis "“ My hypothesis is that based on the design of planes D and E, I think they will travel the farthest and have the highest speed. A and C will do the worst.

III. Materials "“ Electric fan, 6 different paper airplanes, stop watch, boards and books, measuring tape, paper and pen.

IV. Procedure "“ 1) Set up boards and books to form runway track.

2) Set up planes and do Test 1. Record results.

3) Use stopwatch and do Test 2. Record results.

V. Results "“ In Test 1, D went the farthest, E came in second, F came in third, B and C tied for fourth, and A was last.

In Test 2, E was the fastest, followed by D, F, A, and B.

VI. Conclusion "“ My hypothesis was mostly correct. D and E did do the best. But C and even B did a little worse than A. The reason why D and E did so well was because they were triangle shaped and had ridges and grooves so that the air can flow around the planes easily. The other planes got pushed back by air more.