Aerosmith and Front man Steven Tyler. It's mainly about Steven Tyler, How the band started out, and their drug addictions. They overcame everything, and how they became great rock gods.

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Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948, in the New York town The Bronx. He

grew up on Lake Sunnapee, New Hampshire with his two parents Victor and Susan (nee Blancha) Tallarico. His father was a classical musician and played in shows. He was constantly playing the piano, so Steven grew up listening to him play. When Steven was seven years old, he had his first piano lesson from his father. Steven had a love for music. He would sit up in his room for hours just listening to The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Yard Birds. He knew someday he definitely wanted to be a musician.

When Steven was growing up he constantly was picked on by the other kids in school. They teased him about the size of his lips, and when he started to grow his hair long at age 15 they teased him about that too.

He had to drink a shot of scotch before school each day just to deal with the abuse the kids gave him.

Steven and his friend Tom Hamilton started their first band called the Strangers. Steven was on drums and Tom was on the guitar. Steven soon changed the name to Chain Recreation and his from Don Solomon took the drums so Steven could be up front and sing. At the age of 18 Steven's band recorded two singled "When I needed you" and "You should have been here yesterday," both were cover songs.

Steven had a drug problem at a very young age. He and his friends would get them anyway they could. Steven was suspended from school for getting caught with drugs. He hated school, and ended up just dropping out. With him not having to worry about school, he could concentrate more on the...