The Affect of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

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How can someone put years worth of suffering into a five-page paper? Is it even possible to communicate the fears, worry, and suffering that an entire race of people endured? I am not sure if these things are possible, but I will attempt to show you what horror the people of Cambodia were subject to during the years of the Khmer Rouge.

Cambodia is located in southeastern Asia, between Thailand and Vietnam. 90% of the people in Cambodia are Khmer. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Khmer means a member of an aboriginal people of Cambodia. The other 10% of the population in Cambodia are Vietnamese, Chinese, Samre, and Kuoy. In order to tell you about the horror the Khmer Rouge inflicted on the people of Cambodia, I feel it is important to tell you some of the important moments in the history of this country.

In the 1800's France took control of Vietnam and Cambodia, and they renamed these countries French Indochina.

From 1941 to 1945 Thai and Japanese forces occupied Cambodia during World War II; and eventually after many long years, France recognized Cambodia as an independent country. In May of 1970, General Lon Nol took the place of King Sihanouk to rule over Camboia. The United States, who formed an alliance with Lon Nol took advantage of the situation and sent secret bombing missions into the country of Cambodia without the consent of Lon Nol. The United States believed that Vietnamese troops and their cargo were being hid in the country, and they attempted to find them. However, the bombs that the United States dropped were not confined to military targets. They hit many civilian areas and caused the death of more than six hundred thousand innocent Cambodian people. The United States also planted many landmines in...