Affecting Change

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Running Head: Affecting Change

Affecting Change Paper

University of Phoenix

LDR/531 Organizational Leadership

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Margaret Ettenheim

August 5, 2010

Workshop 6, Assignment 6


Smith and Falmouth (S&F) is a tele-shopping and mail-order network currently operating in the United States and Canada. CEO Irene Seagraves has initiated an online division, targeting a strategic growth in three years. Currently the organization is operating under the leadership of the project manager James Williams Argyle. James works closely with the logistics manager Brian Kervor and his team of three who handle order handling, customer support, and delivery operations. Brian and his team also report order fulfillment to the marketing manager Adam Searle and his team of six who coordinate product lines, marketing budgets, and promotional activities (University of Phoenix, 2010).

The new online division is a critical component for the growth and survival of S&F.

The existing team coordination and leadership influence has resulted in positive results in the attitudes and behavior of the organization. Business prospects are promising for the first three months since implementation but to achieve the organizational goals Irene has hired a new COO to streamline the operation, increase the reach of the sales channels, and make S&F a profitable organization (University of Phoenix, 2010). As a new leader to the organization the COO will need to identify the existing methods of control and organizational cultures. Respond to the existing conditions by recommending a restructuring strategy to improve the existing culture, empower individuals and teams, and implement a management practice that will be most effective to team building and organizational growth (University of Phoenix, 2010).

Existing Methods of Control and Culture

Culture defines and creates a distinction between one organization and another by conveying...