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Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a defoliant, a plant killer that was used in Vietnam for "Territory Denial". The idea was that the VC wouldn't be so hard to kill if we could see them better by killing the jungle canopy that protected them, but there is a serious side affect to it. Exposure to Agent Orange multiplies the chances of cancers, immune system disorders, liver problems, and a host of other complaints. Even more tragic is the fact that exposure to Agent Orange appears to multiply the chances of birth defects in the children of those exposed. Vietnam veterans and certain peasants in South Vietnam have the highest level of exposure of anyone tested and in many cases veterans will tell story after story of veterans who suddenly age. Their hair falls out in clumps and what remains turns white. These people suffer from strange nerve disorders, irritableness, weight loss, palsies and finally, mercifully, death.

In every case these men were exposed to Agent Orange.