"The affects of birth order on the rate of mental and physical development of a child" This essay outlines how birth order can effect the development of a child.

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The family definition is defined as a single or two parent, with a child or children together that aid one another is social, emotional, and physical development. The key phrase in this definition is "aid one another is social, emotional and physical development". The family's interactions as well as numbers affect a child's personality traits. Another factor that influences the specific characteristics of a child is how he or she is placed in a family (www.Ohio-state.edu).

Two other important factors are genetics and the environment in which a child is raised (www.Ohio-state.edu). Psychologists, which are scientists who study human and animal behaviour offer "clues" about why people act the way they do (www.Ohio-state.edu). Facts about birth order help the understanding of individuals. Understanding the characteristics of certain birth orders determines expectations, strategies for dealing with people as well as weaknesses (www. Ohio-state.edu). This can be an advantage in parenting, teaching, sales and other occupations (www.


The birth order technique does not say that all first-borns are exactly alike or all second-born children are always this way (www.Ohio-state.edu). The certain tendencies of each birth order are "general" characteristics. There are many variables such as spacing, disabilities, sex of the child, physical differences, the birth order position of parents, blending of two or more families due to death or divorce as well as the relationship between parents, which affect each family situation.

Early in the child's life birth order affects the child's personality (www.shpm.com). Each child uses a set of coping skills when he or she must solve particular problems, which become birth order characteristics (www.shpm.com). The first-born child exhibits certain characteristics and are described as goal setter, high achievers, perfectionist and responsible (www. Ohio-state.edu). Parents tend to find first-borns easier to raise than...