The Affects of the Personal Computer

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Computers have overwhelmingly become part of our daily lives. Since the creation of the Personal Computer, their uses have grown exponentially. They help in completing tasks faster, easier and better. People are easily aware of the positive aspects of a computer, but despite the positive affects there are also inevitably negative aspects that are presented to society everyday.

The PC introduced an easy way to buy and sell literally anything online, do transactions, taxes, and handle business with some typing and clicking of a mouse. It has proved itself to be valuable technology for society. Businesses are more easily created and are more likely to thrive because of the computer. Business owners no longer need a place in town to sell their products or attract costumers. They can interact, advertise, and show their inventory through the computer. It is obvious that it has helped the economy and certain businesses on their endeavor to make money.

Computers have become a key source for people and businesses to become more productive. The personal computer is seen in every workplace and school, helping people to learn, find information, become organized, and create their work. With computers, for example, artists and programmers can easily create video games, movies, graphic designs, or write their high-level language code. Making the workplace a technology based place can and often does create a better working environment.

In a very discrete way the computer has introduced us with problems that affect the economic status of businesses, and people overall. To begin, illegal activity is not rare with computers and the internet. Illegal software and files are downloaded daily, affecting any company from the music business to the software business. Companies lose millions of dollars because there is no way to police millions of people sharing illegal files. But...