The Affects Of Various Settings In The Great Gatsby

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The affects of various settings in The Great Gatsby Though it may not seem like it, there is a lot of hidden symbolism associated with the different settings throughout this novel. The general motifs of the characters within each setting changes when they travel from place to place. The four different settings which contain the most meaning are East Egg, West Egg, New York and the Valley of Ashes. These are the most symbolic surroundings which influence the behavior and intentions of the key characters in the story.

West Egg The people which reside in West Egg have just recently acquired their fortunes, and are busy spending them in any way possible. They lack the family traditions and taste of the longer established wealthy people of East Egg. They are more personable, respectful, and also more human than the people of East Egg. Since they were not born into wealth, they have more of a grip on the real world, and they are aware of the rest of society which has not been as fortunate as they are.

They are referred to by the East Egger's as "new money". Society within West Egg generally share the same outlook on the world, they are all trying to achieve the "˜"American dream".

East Egg The people of East Egg are the long established men and women who were born into money. They have a warped outlook on society because they have never really experienced the real world. They have never really had too many responsibilities because they have never had to support themselves. They have a certain way of looking at things, and seeing how it would further themselves. They have no respect for anyone of lower origin than they, and even individuals equal to them (if they have recently acquired their...