Affirmative Action

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Two people are applying for an important job. One person is a white male, who is a graduate of a well-respected university and is more than qualified for the job position. The other person is an African-American male, who is also a graduate of a well-respected university and is also more than qualified for the same position. In this situation facing the employer, which happens everyday, he or she would choose the African-American for the position. This is a perfect example of affirmative action.

By definition, affirmative action is giving minorities, whether it is by race, color or sex and giving them an opportunity to succeed. Not only does affirmative action involve the hiring of people in the job market, but it also includes accepting students into colleges and universities. I believe that affirmative action is a solution to one of America's problem with multiculturalism.

Of course, with any topic that is arguable there are two sides to every debate.

With affirmative action there is the minority side. The minority side is accepted to a college of their choice or is hired for a job position. Then there is the majority side. The majority is not accepted to their college or is not hired for the job position. The bottom line is, is that someone is going to be left out and the word "racism" is going to be thrown around.

The point of affirmative action is not to fill the quota of races and make sure that all races in their workplace or school is divided equally. Nor is the point to hire someone that is a minority just because they are the minority. It allows those minority people that do have the ability to complete a task and give them an opportunity.

"Affirmative action is making steady...