Affirmative action

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Affirmative Action and the Affect that it has on Racism in a Society

Affirmative action was originally created to give minorities the same opportunities as anyone else. Affirmative action also helped to integrate races by making it mandatory to employ a variety of races and genders. Although affirmative action was meant to be a positive move some of the outcomes are very negative. Highly eligible people were rejected by colleges, universities, and jobs because of what this law entails. Minorities took the places of these people whether they had the merit or not. These two opposing views lead to the question, "Does affirmative action contribute to or diminish racism in a society?"

I believe that affirmative action was created in order to diminish racism, but is actually contributing to the problem. The plan was to get blacks and whites learning and working together on equal terms. Instead, many people became outraged that another person of a different race was let into the college that they had been denied entry for even though they were more qualified.

This led to people resenting the entire race as a whole rather than the law or the individual. Also, many worthy job-seeking people were turned down because of this. Under affirmative action a certain percentage of each race must be employed at every job site, which caused many minorities to be hired regardless of their merits or qualifications. This seemed totally unfair to the hardworking people who paid so much time and money for the education or training that was required in order to be hired for the career that they pursued, but were unable to obtain because minorities were taking away the opportunities that they worked hard for. These two factors are what contribute to the animosity between races due to affirmative action.