Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action

What is affirmative action? Affirmative action is more or less "equal opportunity" in a sense that it allows protected minority groups the same opportunity for job hirings, promotions, and university and other admissions as any other human being. Everyone is seen on a level playing field... or are they? Affirmative action is good in a sense that it gives minorities a fair chance at success, but bad because many whites losing out on these positions claim it is due to the "Best Black Syndrome". In other words, they feel that the only reason that the minority was hired was to fill a quota and not because of their qualifications, this can cause much turmoil in the workplace and on the public in general. What is a good moral perspective on affirmative action? Is the current system working, should there be changes? Many people feel that this opens a door to reverse discrimination and its actually reversing discrimination onto the white male verses his counterpart.

Affirmative Action began to take place in 1964 when the supreme court moved considerably beyond the race-neutral spirit of the Fourteenth Amendment and decided that preferential treatment of minorities and women in job hiring and college admissions was permissible. Minority candidates could and should be hired to positions reserved to them even when white or male candidates might be at least as well qualified. The courts permitted employment, promotion, and admission quotas to be used. This began a trend by universities and prominent employers around the country and also led to many problems. Many universities reserved seats for minority applicants regardless of whether or not a white or male applicant achieved higher test scores.

Affirmative action is very beneficial in a way that it allows minorities and women today to be hired into positions...