Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action had been perceived as a double edge sword in our society.

Without it, minorities do not have opportunity to advance like the average American.

With affirmative action, all aspects of society suffer. When a student applies for admission to a University seeking higher education, they can be turned down simply because a minority group needs to be represented by a mathematical statistic in order for the University to fulfill its quota per government specifications.

Affirmative action has pros, like allowing persons to have opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to. In places that do discriminate, a minority can fight to have the same chances that others have. When applying to a University, a minority may be tutored so that they are "caught up" to the others in the school. Special effort is made to accommodate those that otherwise would never have a chance. Society needs to have equality for all persons.

Affirmative action keeps employers and educators in check so that they can not just have one type of person, like all white males. The government is so approving of affirmative action, yet they do not make sure it is applied to our three branches of government.

Affirmative action has pros, but every pro is contradicted by many cons. When you lower standards for college admissions, you have allowed those who are not as prepared to face a lesser challenge. Instead of higher education, all persons are effected as the educational structure is geared so that people who would not have been able to attend have now been cushioned in areas that they would not have been able to be. The lowering of this standard affects the other students as they will not learn all the necessary tools they need to make it in the working...