Affirmative Action

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In my paper, I will define Affirmative Action and the history of its inception. I will also share my personal feelings about the subject. Affirmative Action has been around for about 45 years and has been praised and criticized as an answer to racial inequality.

1.What is the definition of Affirmative Action? Is it contrary to our capitalist/market economy?

Affirmative Action is the encouragement of increased representation of women and minority-group members especially in education and jobs. I think that Affirmative Action would be contrary to a capitalist market as defined in the United States. "A capitalist market system is open to all on an even basis, and equal education and employment opportunities." If our capitalist market was fair to all, one could argue that it is contradicted by Affirmative Action. But, on the other hand, our capitalist market in America is not fair to all. Discrimination still exists in our society because minorities still fall behind in the areas of education, wealth, and political representation.

If the capitalist market was fair to all then Affirmative Action would not exist.

2.If affirmative action is a legal remedy and should only be used when there is a finding of discrimination, does voluntary affirmative action violates the rights of those that might be denied an opportunity for the sake of those given a preference to make-up for past discrimination?

I do not think that any program can make up for past discrimination. But I do believe if Affirmative Action is the only to give minorities a fair shot at opportunities that usually bestowed upon "White America" then by all means "Let Affirmative Action rule". When this country begins to treat all its citizens fairly then Affirmative Action will be a thing of the past. Affirmative Action has been...