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The Affirmative Action has been applied as a reservoir of strategies of the government which carries the objective of improving opportunities in the fields of employment, education and business contingencies for the discriminated groups such as the racial or ethnic minorities and women, thus promote equality in the representation of the discriminated groups in the corporate and academic world. Affirmative Action forms are diverse depending on its implementation, procedures and the vast implications that it constitutes. It is in this reason that the Affirmation Action had brought great controversy and entailed opposing views among the people for being an integrated structure in the national management of the United States. Societal debates about Affirmation Action has conflicting beliefs that revolve around the application of Affirmation Action wherein its necessity is questioned particularly in the specific business or education procedures that is integrated in policies (Kellough).

Affirmation Action opposed in Historical NegationsAccounts of the struggle of Affirmation Action have been evident that it was not able to uphold its objectives in the pursuit of equality among the people.

This can be traced in history as it began with the approval of Propostion 209 as the constitutional amendment that prohibits policies of Affirmative Action which adheres to preferential treatment of minorities and women in state admissions to universities, contracting and employment. This was made possible by the voters in California against Affirmative Action in November 1996. Precedence of this event dates back in November 1998 which also engaged in votes of Affirmative Action advocacy or negation in Washington and other states. By 1999, under the governance of Jeb Bush in Florida, an executive order had been issued for the elimination of Affirmative Action biases that furnish employment and state contracts in addition to the forwarded appeal to the Board of Regents of the...