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University of PhoenixIntroductionVoluntary Affirmative Action can be an important part of an employer's legal battle. This paper will start with an introduction to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and their part in the community. It will explain about their Voluntary Affirmative Action Plan and what it would require the hospital to do in terms of procedures regarding recruitment, hiring and advertising. The paper will give steps to determine where Affirmative Action initiatives are most needed with the Hospital and give examples of actions the Hospital should not take with regard to achieving the goals of the Affirmative Action plan. It will conclude with a short summarization of the paper.

CHOCChildren's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) opened its doors in 1964. It has provided the highest quality medical care to children. The regional health system includes a state-of-the-art main hospital facility in the City of Orange, a hospital-within-a hospital in Mission Viejo, and five community clinics - plus over 100 additional programs and services.

With admissions growing by 90% over the last eight years, CHOC and CHOC at Mission combined rank as the 15th busiest children's hospital in the country ( 2007). Because of the hospitals reputation, many valuable and prospective employees are attracted. The community in which the Hospital operates is diverse and ever changing. This has made it necessary for the human resources department to put policies and procedure into place to help keep discrimination away from the facility. The Hospital has the following policies in place to comply with laws given by the State and the Federal Government; some of these are:•Warn Act of 1988•Unlawful Harassment•Americans with Disabilities Act•Confidentiality of Personnel Records•Associate Notification of Policy Changes•Leave of Absence•Jury and Witness Duty•Time OFF to Vote•Employment Contract•Fitness for Duty•Substance Abuse•Verification of Employment•Transfers and Promotions•Termination of Service - Resignation•Verification...