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In the Human Rights Act, Chapter 214 of the revised statutes, 1989, it states

that "in recognition that human rights must be protected by the rule of law, this

Legislature affirms the principal that every person is free and equal in dignity and

rights without regard to race, religion, religious creed, colour, sex, physical or

mental disability or ethnic or national origin." Unfortunately though, sometimes this

law is not always abided by. Women, aboriginal people who are physically or

mentally challenged, and visible minorities have often been denied employment

equity, or equal employment opportunities due to discriminatory practices. These

groups should enjoy equal representative share of employment opportunities in all

occupations and at all levels.

An example of discrimination that denies equal opportunity is the practice of

allowing members of these four groups to advance within a company only to a

certain level. The company may appear to be equitable by including members of

these groups in management positions.

However, the top executive positions are

still out of reach for members of these groups not because these people are not

qualified for the jobs, but because they are discriminated against. Legislation,

including the federal Employment Equity Act, exists to ensure employment equity.

Such legislation requires employers to report what proportion of their employees

belong to these four groups. Employers must then prove that all groups are equally

represented at all levels within their organizations.

Affirmative action promotes equality in the workplace in such areas as hiring,

training-apprenticeships, promotion, compensation, transfer, layoff, termination and

goals. It also promotes equal employment opportunities for those groups or

individuals who are disadvantaged due to race, religion, creed, colour, disability,

national or ethnic origin, sex, age or marital status. Affirmative action programs are

designed to improve the lot of people who have suffered as...