Affirmative Action in Business and Higher Education

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Affirmative Action

Business and Higher Education

If you were to look at someone and based off of appearance, would you be able to determine if that person would be a good friend to you. Would they be caring, unselfish and reliable? Now, lets switch gears and say you're part of the admissions committee for a large, prominent university. Again, based on ones race, would you be able to determine if an applicant is a "good fit", someone who exemplifies what your university stands for? Is race really a factor in determining the admissions of students today, and if not, should it be? What are the possible outcomes of admitting so many different races and letting them interact inside and out of classrooms? With one simple question involving race, question upon questions are spawned and this once simple question doesn't seem so simple anymore. The matter is, race and affirmative action in higher education is a much more complex issue than most would like to give thought to.

So how do we go about understanding such a complex and often underexposed situation in an unbiased manner?

The key is, before you can understand the issue itself, you must understand the views and opinions from whom the issue is shaped. In this paper, we will take a deeper look into the views of those who are in favor of affirmative action in higher education, those who are against it, and those who are walking that fence of uncertainty. Maybe your opinion has already been formed, maybe not, maybe this paper is the breeze of knowledge blowing you off that rickety fence and landing you on a more educated and opinionated platform.

Before we get too in depth, lets simply define what affirmative action is. After consulting the definitional gods of the The...