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Affirmative action is a failed attempt to end racial discrimination in the work place and educational institutions. It has created a whole new brand of racial discrimination. People who are better qualified for jobs are turned away because a company or school has to meet a certain quota. This kind of discrimination should be stopped. People should be judged on their accomplishments alone. Affirmative action advocates would have people believe that minorities are unable to compete academically with certain other groups. On the other hand, Jewish and Asian communities have flourished in today's world, and they have both had historic battles against discrimination. Affirmative action attempts to generate equality through inequality, to end racism through racism, and to be fair by being unfair. I know if I was on the operating table about to have heart surgery, I would not want to look up to find an under-qualified doctor who met some quota about to perform the surgery.

Any sensible person would want the most highly qualified doctor.

Racial diversity in colleges and the work place is crucial, but other non-discriminatory practices should be implemented to achieve this objective. Government officials should spend more time and money fixing the education system rather than flying to the moon, or sending land rovers to Mars. The billions of dollars that are spent on these types of activities should be funneled into education. In a recent survey conducted by the Houston Chronicle , the public was given the choice of spending money on programs like education and health care or on space research. Fifty-five percent said they wanted domestic programs. If more funds were spent on fixing the education problems in America things would instantly get better. One of the enormous benefits would be smaller classroom size; as a result, student's grades would...