Affirmative Action - Racial Inequality

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After many years of immigration, the United States has become a melting pot for people all over the world with a wide-range of races and ethnicities. Although American culture emphasizes diversity and equal opportunity, its unique history of immigration has shown that people of different races are not "created equal." The White race is dominating throughout all aspects of the American society. Fact: "White males are 33% of the population, but 80% of tenured professors, 90% of the U.S. senate, 97% of school superintendents, and 100% of U.S. Presidents" (Jackson 9). What happens to the rest of the American races? Where are the Blacks, Latinos and Asians? Some experts believe that, people who belong to those groups are grossly misrepresented. According to Mr. Yuen in his book The Politics of Liberation, institutional discrimination, unequal social resource distribution, and inheritable class immobility are the main causes of the racial inequality. In 1964, racial inequality in American was being recognized as a problem that needed to be addressed on a national level.

A systematic solution was urgently needed to address the racial inequality. Affirmative action was thus born in 1964 with the ideal of creating a better society with equal chances of success for people from different backgrounds and races. "Broadly defined, affirmative action refers to efforts to increase educational and employment opportunities for minorities and women. More specifically, it applies to various policies and programs designed to increase the number of minorities and women hired by government and industry and admitted into colleges and universities" (Bender 6). As good as the ideal sounded, we have encountered many obstacles implementing the idea into reality. For many decades, because of its impact on individuals, races, and social economic classes, affirmative action has become a source of controversy and a focus of many heated...