Affirmative Action: Rethink the Action

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Affirmative Action: Rethink the Action

"The real carries of the civil rights banner are those who are helping end affirmative action"

David Horowitz

On a warm April morning, many high school juniors gather in a classroom. Slouched in their uncomfortable desks, they nervously pass in their pencil marked sheets. Each sheet has perfect ovals colored in for each answer. Each test is combined of subjects that the students should have comprehended from their previous three years of high school. This day will determine each student's future and where each will go from high school.

The students are from a prestigious school in Alexandria, Virginia. This high school is an all-boarding, co-ed institution offering top college prep academics. The majority of the students who graduate from this high school score high in the thirties on their ACT. These students are ranked in the top half of the nation and perform well on all tests.

The academic curriculum at this high school is very strenuous. The hard work and dedication prepares the students for an Ivy League school.

After the test, a group of girls talk about the exam. This test will determine their future and help each student decide where he or she will go after high school. Each one discusses a different part of the test. Within the discussion, each girl says her desired test score. In the corner, a teacher is overheard talking to one of the male students, "Two homeruns in last night's game, a 35 on your ACT, and a perfect grade point average. You are Harvard's dream." The boy laughs and modestly says, " You mean a 36 on my ACT."

Across the tracks in a poverty stricken area, a group of juniors also take the ACT. The majority of the students are black and...