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Afghanistan Sees Ecological Damage The region of Afghanistan will soon undergo an intense environmental assessment by the United Nations. After the tragic events of September 11th the United States engaged in a fierce military assault on the impoverished nation of Afghanistan to eliminate terrorism. The damage to people and to the infrastructure was vast. After the research is done on the state of the environment, the effects of the many wars that were fought, including the latest one, will show the harm that they have done on the environment. The United Nations agency on the environment, a Geneva based program, has been assigned the task of assessing and reporting on the current state of the environment. The investigation will be the first thorough look inside the country's environment since the late 1970's. Currently there is no first hand knowledge of the present environmental conditions of local lakes, rivers, farms, and ecology.

The most disregarded aspect of war is the effect on the environment. The environment displays the effects of war over a long period of time and in many unapparent forms. The investigation by the UN will reveal the answer to the question that remains. Is it possible to undue the damage that has been done to the environment in Afghanistan? The war is now over in Afghanistan, but the fight must continue in another form. The environmental assessment team that is preparing to enter the region will hopefully answer many questions and draw a blueprint to one day repairing the environment. Currently, UN officials have a big task in front of them, "U.N. officials are negotiating with local warlords and the interim national government to ensure the researchers safe passage." (Afghanistan 5) The country is recovering from anarchy and oppressive regimes. The area currently remains an extremely dangerous...