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The Australian Football League is considered a national sport in Australia. It is very popular and very traditional. The sport dates back to nearly one hundred years. The name of the game is to get the footy into your forward fifty and kick a goal. The goals are two tall white posts that have about a five-meter gap in the middle. One either side of the goals are two smaller red point posts. If you get a goal you get your team 6 points and if you get a point you get 1 point. The A.F.L. season goes for twenty-two rounds of football. Except they have a one week break at the middle of the season in between the 11th and 12th round. They have a Pre-season tournament, which is called the Wizard Home Loans Cup. This goes for 5 weeks. They also have an end of year tournament, which determines the champion team of the year.

This also goes for 5 weeks. Some of the awards that are given to people during the season are the Coleman Medal, the Marn Grook Medal, the Norm Smith Medal and the magnificent Brownlow Medal. The Coleman Medal is awarded to the player with the most goals for the season; past winners are Alistair Lynch, Mathew Lloyd and Tony Modra. The Marn Grook Medal is given to the most talented indigenous rising star; past winners are Ashley Sampy, Leon Davies and Graham Johncock. The Norm Smith Medal is given to the best player on Grand Final day; past winners are Andrew McLeod and Simon Black. The Brownlow Medal is given to the best player of the year; past winners are Mark Riccuito, Adam Goodes and Nathan Buckley. They also have National Draft Pick. Which is when all the recruiting staff from all the...