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A Long Tradition of Newsgathering : Created in 1835, Agence France-Presse is one of the three global news agencies.

It is the world's oldest established news agency, founded by Charles-Louis Havas, the father of global journalism. Today, the agency continues to expand its operations worldwide, reaching thousands of subscribers (radios, TVs, newspapers, companies) from its main headquarters in Paris and regional centers in Washington, Hong Kong, Nicosia and Montevideo. All share the same goal: to guarantee a top quality international service tailored for the specific needs of clients in each region. The AFP News services cover politics, economics, international news, social and sports news from around the world. The network provides around the clock coverage. Newspapers, magazines, news agencies, TV and radio stations worldwide rely on AFP for its accurate, speedy quality reporting of world news. AFP subscribers also include many businesses, banks and government bodies. It has also, for many years, maintained close links with the national news agencies of all countries.

Four regional headquarters, each responsible for the bureaus in their region, co-ordinate the work of journalists and photographers under their direction and transmit news and photographs to clients in their zone.

§ Hundreds of news items per day; reporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

§ General News comes from the world over. A significant proportion of news is from Europe where correspondents cover all European territories.

§ AFP's presence throughout the Middle East and Africa provides thorough news coverage of these regions.

§ Sports News covers all major national and international events.

A worldwide multilingual and multimedia news agency: The agency also offers multimedia products online: text, pictures, graphics, dynamic graphics and video. AFP provides content formatted ready-for-use. The AFP brand guarantees clients editorial quality and reliability - a reputation built since the agency...