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Belen 1

Kaitlyn Belen

Karyn Simonelli

English 111

27 October 2014

Afraid of Heights

Everyone has a moment when their fear is overwhelming and they feel vulnerable to everything. The heart starts to pound fast, hands start to get sticky, knees feel like they are turning slowly to jelly, and become a little light headed at the obstacle that's placed in front me. My response was always the same when I had to get on anything that had to do with heights. It was nerve racking for me. Going to the theme park, Six Flags, with my family proved to be very difficult with my fear.

Before I ever visited Six Flags that day, I never went anywhere near something that lifted me off the floor more than 5 feet. Whenever we went to theme parks that had roller coasters, I would stay on the ground watching everyone else get on the ride.

Even though water slides were a little different, I still got nervous and didn't look anywhere but forward going to the top of the slide. My parents and brother knew very well that I was terrified of heights and used every possible situation they could to taunt me about it. I tried to avoid certain rides at different places just so I don't have to get myself worked up about them. Many times, such as one where we went to Sea World my whole family and cousins wanted to get on the new roller coaster called "The Manta". It would keep you on your belly while doing flips upside down and going down a slope at about a 70° angle. I had actually talked myself into getting on the ride, I waited about 20 minutes to get on, just to sit down on the seat and...