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One of the most hotly debated theories in the anthropology world is how did humans get to where they are in the world. The evolution of Homo sapiens extends to not only anthropologists but everyone else in the world as well. There have been countless debates and fights about where we are from and how we got here. In earlier and simpler times it was just assumed that the gods created us and watched over us and that we were not only products of theirs but also to some extent their playthings. Then Christianity came into the picture and we were still created by God but in the image of Him and that we were in a way sacred ourselves because we were His children. This has become a lasting image. Over the lifetime of anthropology the biggest contestant to the view that humans are evolved animals that follow the same rules as everything else on the planet has come from the Christian world.

They have tried to manipulate facts and come up with theories of their own to explain why the world is how it is today. One of the biggest problems that they face is the fact that almost nothing that is in existence could be there in the time that the Christians believe has elapsed since they say the world has existed. They believe that the world is only several thousand years old and this would basically contradict every scientific principle that we have struggled to uncover over the years. However, even Christians in the modern age have come to see that there was probably more to the creation of the universe and the Earth than what they have in the Bible. This leaves the only real remaining contenders in the ring of "how did we get...