Africa: Why so many wars? Solutions?

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Africa & the Middle East:

Why so many wars? Solution?

Denali Jackson

English 10H

Mrs. Gomez

16 May 2014


THESIS: In recorded history, wars have been ongoing in Africa and the Middle Easy due to religious and cultural differences, as well as each faction's close proximity to one another. Multiple peace interventions have failed to bring lasting peace. Therefore a possible solution is to allow these warring factions to resolve their own conflicts within themselves with minimal outside interventions.

Religious Differences

Middle East is the origin to three of the world's main religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism.

Religion is very closely intertwined with the politics.

It is often religion that drives the wedge in between to semi-peaceful nations which eventually allows the rift to grow.

Cultural Differences

Some cultures allow women to wander with few restrictions, whereas others may require their women to cover their faces and shield much of their bodies.

Cultural stereotypes and racism are everywhere.

Due to the diversity, even though it enhances the cultural richness of a society, it also leads to political conflicts.

Physical Proximity

Very closely compacted with borders that can change rapidly if one nation loses territory or vice versa.

Having rival religious groups or political parties close together can cause a disruption, tensions rise and physical altercations can take place.

Peace interventions

Rwanda genocide, the massacring of millions of Tutsi by the Hutu because they believed they were being oppressed. The Hutu were back by the French and the UN didn't react until too many had already died.

In 1953, the US CIA placed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in power as Shah of Iran, who turned into a abusive dictator and was overthrown by the people in 1979.


Leave them alone as they are to fight it out with minimal intervention...