The African Child

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The international community as made interesting strides as far as children s rights are concerned. Yet they prove inadequate before the huge number of challenges, in plain terms, the last decade was a decade of great promises and modest achievements. Such a reality can be clearly seen through a simple comparison between the statements of some outstanding figures in the field of children's rights and the fact of many children. For example over the pan of the African forum on the future of children on May 2001 Mrs. Suzan Mobarak said "the movement to ratify the contention not only spread across all of Africa, but also paved to African charter on the rights and welfare of children… Africans achievement in this respect surpassed our expectation..". Another children's rights activist, Clare Short said since 1997the English government has worked to focus on the process of stopping world poverty by 2015… this further increase in UK assistance enables us to increase significantly our contribution to the reduction of poverty and to help the number children in school and the access of the poor to health care.

Sadly enough, these projects have not been fully fulfilled, there are still people suffering in various ports of the world particularly in Africa. In this continent people, in general, and children in particular are overwhelmed with the world most serious problems. Whenever we see the image of an African child, we imagine food shortage, war, starvation, malnutrition so on and so forth. In effect, in spite of the great dynamic movement of the world towards the well being of the child, millions across the continent are in a miserable situation. In this chapter, I am going to limit myself around the out standing problems which are as follows slavery, starvation, and ultimately the HIV AIDS pandemic.