After years of desire for school uniforms, my wish was

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After years of desire for school uniforms, my wish was never granted. I believe that the dress code of school uniforms would be a great asset to Medina High School because of the students. Most students won't have to worry about what they are wearing. They are at school to learn about life and their future, not to impress their peers of how "cool" they look.

What to wear today? That is the question that faces me every morning after my alarm clock goes off. I stand in my closet staring at the clothes trying to find the perfect outfit. This usually takes at least five minutes, which is five more minutes I could have spent sleeping. The decision of what to wear is a huge problem not only in my life, but also in the lives of most teenage students.

School uniforms would help students stop worrying about what they wear.

Many teenage students feel that they have to wear a certain type of clothing or shop at a certain store just to fit in. Some families do not have the money to purchase all types of clothing for their children. Because of the lack of income of their family, students should not be excluded from the crowd that they may want to hang around with. For an example, if a "popular" student came to school with a bright orange tie over a sweatshirt, this would cause others to do the same thing the very next day. If the tie was only sold at a certain store for $30 and there was a student who could not afford the tie, some would think of the student as "un-cool". This ideology would result in the discussion of the student who could not afford the tie. What one wears influences people's judgement of that person.

The dress code has been a major issue this year and school uniforms would be a perfect conclusion. Students would have a better understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable to wear to school. At school this year it seems that there are only certain teachers that enforce the dress code. Some kids get away with inappropriate clothing while others have to face consequences. The rules are inconsistent from one person to another because no one person's body is the same. With the use of school uniforms, it will be a lot easier to recognize improper dress. All students and staff members would understand the dress code and I believe there would be fewer problems.

In conclusion, I still stand behind getting school uniforms. They will make school more of a business aspect and not a social place. The thought of what to wear and wearing the right clothes will not inhibit the minds of students if school uniforms were used.