Against Affirmative Action

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Against Affirmative Action

Being that I am republican and tend to agree with conservative issues, I am not in favor of affirmative action. I do believe that affirmative action had a constructive purpose in creating equality amongst blacks and whites, women and men, and minorities and the majorities. Though in my personal opinion, I strongly believe that affirmative action has been exploited and manipulated into such a political fireball that it has caused those who benefit from it to become dependent on it, and generally expect affirmative action to be a right other than a form of assistance in establishing oneself in the work place and in the social structure. This is my opinion and do not consider to be the truth, but merely my outlook based on my current knowledge of this subject and perceived fallacies that I believe relate to affirmative action. Though I may have received a better grade on this paper for creatively finding ways to adapt the current policy, I believe that the option I have chosen is the best option for all, and refuse to support the thoughts of endorsing affirmative action or modifying it.

I will further discuss my reasons for choosing this option of the three options permitted and converse the reasons that I think the other two alternatives are invalid, unfair, and demoralizing.

Affirmative action was first conceived in the 1960's. Affirmative action was introduced to give a chance to those who have been discriminated against, or to those who were presently disadvantaged caused by the racial injustices that hampered the progress of their race. Affirmative action was mainly launched to assist blacks, and was an attempt to remedy the ill effects of past discrimination against blacks. Although, women and other minorities have benefited from affirmative action as well, blacks are...