Against animal testing.

Essay by spoonful August 2005

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To some humans, animals are just there for experimentation. Scientists test various new products and lethal drugs on animals. A new animal rights law has made scientists reduce the number of and release some of the animals that were found by the Animal Rights Department. The law requires no fatal drugs or new products are to be tested on animals. There are many experimenters across the world that the Animal Rights Department are trying to stop.

Those people who experiment on animals will let animals die and suffer in pain. In New Mexico, scientists had more than one hundred of beagles to inhale radioactive strontium. The experimental dogs eventually died with blood loss, fever, and skin irritation. These experiments do not improve nor help people in anyways. Moreover, some people do not seem to care about the animals and are still testing cosmetic products. Although the laws require no animal testing on cosmetics or household products, some government laboratories in New York poison a lot of various animals using new versions of deodorants, hair sprays, lipsticks, nail polishes, and a lot of other products.

Almost twenty million animals were being experimented by scientists. These numbers are not accurate, but it tells us how many animals the laboratories have killed. Rabbits and guinea pigs are the most popular animals that laboratories use. During these experiments, animals are deprived of food and water. That means most of the animals die from hunger. The Animal Right's Department is now strictly investigating the laboratories to reduce animal testing.

I think using animals for testing is an immoral thing to do. People should treat animals like their own. Although humans dominate the world, they cannot kill or use the animals for testing new products. Moreover, these animals die with great suffering and pain that...