Against both voluntary and involuntary euthanasia.

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Physician Assisted Suicide

By: Ryan Biren

Physician assisted suicide is a death device for the diseased, that contributes to devaluing human life; and this will ultimately bring about a nations demise. "Where is my food? ... Nurse get me some water! ..." You may agree that senior citizens have it pretty comfortable here in Canada. For most of the year they live in their summer homes in the north and with the first spot of snow, they jump on a plane and head south. On the other hand, some seniors are living in hospitals or retirement homes with 24-hour access to both doctors and nurses for all their medical needs. This is what makes Canada different from so many other countries. "Where is my food... nurse get me some water..." these requests are actual real life problems in some countries. According to Maratha Daywatch, for December 8th 1999, "A British Charity called for a government inquiry into claims that health officials are practicing 'involuntary euthanasia' on elderly patients in an attempt to free up beds in over-crowded hospitals."

Involuntary euthanasia is a practice in which doctors kill patients who are not in critical condition in order to free up hospital beds. In Canada involuntary euthanasia is hardly a topic of discussion, the reason for that is being here in Canada, this practice is not seen as necessary in order to conserve space in hospitals. In England, an Anti-Euthanasia bill was defeated in parliament on April 2000. Dr. Liam Fox, a spokes person for the English conservative party, has expressed alarm at the large number of cases in which passive Euthanasia is issued in England. The party is concerned about the newly issued requiring that at least 50 patients in each hospital be allowed to die without resuscitation when their heart...