Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is one of todays most argued and debated issues worldwide. A significant part of society are in favor of euthanasia, as they see it as a humane way of ending the suffering of patients that have incurable diseases at their own desire. Those people think of this issue in a narrow-minded manner and look at only one side of the issue. They ignore a lot of other circumstances where euthanasia can have negative effects and where it can be misused for serving personal goals.

First of all, the main goal of allowing euthanasia is not acceptable. No one can decide whether it's better for the patient to end his life or not. Doctors can't estimate the patient's body ability to recover accurately, which may lead to making terrible decisions to kill patients who are able to recover. Even the patient's desire to be killed should not be a reason for doing so.

That's because the patient himself is not aware enough of his ability to heal. He/she might take such a decision in a state of depression or unconsciousness.

Euthanasia is a denial to the value of the human life. Nobody has the right to decide whether to end a human's life or not as nobody can know what may happen to this human if he lives. Supporters to euthanasia often say that under some circumstances it's acceptable to take human life, such as self defense. This is a totally different case, as in self defense an innocent life is being saved while in euthanasia the opposite happens. We only lose an innocent life just for nothing. Even murderers are usually subject to long trials before they are executed. So if we get reluctant to kill murderers, why should we be so lenient to kill innocent people just because...