Against Helmet Laws

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Helmets are Head Killers

Imagine riding along in a car and you see a couple of guys pulling up on motorcycles. It is noticed that one of them has a sticker on his helmet that reads " I wear this helmet against my will" and the other has a shirt on that says "Helmet laws suck", or "I wear a helmet cause I have to not because I want to". To some, they probably think the riders a couple of whiners, that they do not have any real reason for the complaints. After all, motorists all around them are sitting in their cars wearing seatbelts which is required by law and they do not have a T-shirt or bumper sticker saying they do it against their will. A lot of people think helmet laws are a good idea, that they save lives, prevent serious head injuries, and keep health and auto insurance rates down.

These people think those that complain about the laws are crying over spilled milk, and do not have any real reasons to complain. "Wearing a helmet can not be that bad".

The truth is, most people do not ride motorcycles and are not aware of the dangers, misconceptions, and inconveniences that come with mandatory helmet laws. These people are the cause of the problem the helmet law really is because they are the majority and the majority rules in America. The majority of riders that were interviewed were against any laws that require helmet use with no exceptions. These riders think laws that require a person to wear a helmet are harmful, inconvenient, infringe on basic civil rights, and cause more problems than they solve even if they believe helmets offer more protection and they wear helmets themselves. Riders are...