Against "Right to Die"

Essay by upbear April 2009

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Many people have a lot of opinions about doing the right thing and the wrong thing. some do things on what they think is right and some just follow others for guidance. I think determining and doing what is right and wrong in life can be hard. However, it is a lot harder in medicine to make ethical chooses, when there are many people in both sides; right and wrong. And it is harder to determine what is right and wrong in different medical situations. One of the topics would be physician assisted suicide (PAS). I believe that PAS should be illegal. It should be illegal because, PAS is like killing s human being or suicide, the right to take or destroy one’s life is only determined by God, and miracles cures can happen in medicine.

Physician assisted suicide means that a physician helps patients to end their life because of the pain they are in and don’t have hope to survive.

In the article “Physician-Assisted Suicide” by Mark R. Tonelli explains that “Physician-assisted suicide refers to the physician providing the means for death, most often with a prescription. The patient, not the physician, will ultimately administer the lethal medication”(1). Basically, doctors volunteer to end patients life, by the patients request. There are not a lot of countries or cities that have the options for PAS. Belgium and some states in United State can be an example.

Many people believe the best thing to do when they are in pain is dieing. In that case, there would not be any sufferings, or pains to consider. However, that is referred as a suicide. Suicide is like taking one‘s life by a purpose, and yet it is illegal to commit suicide. Therefore, Physician assisted suicide is the same thing as...