Agar Cubes

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Does the more Surfaces Area absorb more material in a cell?

To find if the above words are true I first made a prediction, my prediction is that the lesser surface area in something the more it will be able to absorb.

After this I found my materials and they were: bleach, a beaker, 3 agar cubes, and plastic ware. Then I placed bleach inside a beaker and then added the three agar cubes and observed how they turned pinkish red. After five minutes I took the cubes out of the jar and I cut them open with the plastic ware. I observed that the smallest cube had changed in color the most and the larger cubes changed the least. The controlled variables in this experiment were the amount of cubes, bleach, and size of the beaker because they were never changed. In conclusion my hypothesis was correct, but there was slight problems of human error in my lab, it was the fact that I left one set of cubes in longer than the other set I did after the first trial.

Also, the bleach got stirred with the plastic ware during the experiment by one of my fellow lab partners. I believe that was the reason the cells changed their color faster than they did in the second experiment.

.5 cm cell 1cm cell 2 cm cell

Surface area 1.5 cm 6cm 24 cm

volume .125 cm 1cm 8 cm

Surface area to volume ratio 1.5 : .125 6:1 3:1

Observation Changed the whole cell.

Changed a bit Changed very little