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FrL Process

(Fee Raise)

T: So did you want to go over the bills for the last few months

Pt.- I don't want to do that now

T- (seemed to say this with some slight irritation and feels abrasive)

But you called me about it and seemed confused

Pt- I know I did, but your message made sense and there is no need to go over it

T- (I guess he figured out that I had the correct accounting of the bill- I know he feels embarrassed when he makes a so called mistake) So about the fee raise that we did not resolve, I thought about it possibly starting in March- which would be a six month lag from when it usually goes up

Pt- that sounds fair, I appreciate that- seems like you gave a little

So our pipes burst, the man responsible for winterizing our house never did so even though he said he was going to

T: (Is he telling me that I have let him down in some way)

He did not keep his word

Pt- No, he did not, and now there is damage that our insurance does not fully cover since we have to pay a fairly high deductible.

I feel like he should pay the costs since it was his fault for not shutting everything down even though he said he would.

T: (Rules, what is fair, broken promises and betrayals- the fee raise)

Seems like you feel he is responsible since he did not keep his promise- that you feel let down by him

Pt:- But it is also that he should pay because it is what is right

T: Reminds me of how you might have felt that I somehow did not keep my word or let you down...