Agculture notes of the depression

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1. The goal of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration would be to tell farmers how much they could produce while also paying them not to produce on several of there fields.

2. The federal government planed on taxing food processing.

3. the Agriculture adjustment act was ruled unconstitional due to the government had no constantional authority to require farmers to limit production and due to the tax on food processing was deemed a redistribution of wealth.

4. Answered in question 3

a. The powers that are delegated are that that are deemed general welfare of thi nation and it's people in attempt to make life better.

b. The powers of the federal government are limited due to there delegated powers do no extend to agriculture

c. V. The law seems really flimsily interims of interpaion it claims the government is to collect taxes but the welfare clause seems to invalided it.

5. In February of 1937 FDR proposed a general overhaul of the federal court system, due to the courts were" overworked"